Every unWINEder product comes with all the hardware needed for installation.

Choosing a location for your


Hoops will rotate in the slightest of breeze, yet can handle high wind conditions also.If placed in location where wind direction is consistent, hoops tend to square off to wind and not rotate. Try areas close to or on buildings, at corners, or in tree canopy.

There are basically two ways to install with unlimited variations of each.

1. Hoops only

2. Hoops with optional barrel stave frame.

Wind WINEder with frame2

When hoops are hung from top line only they tend to sway and rotate, with an occasional clang when they make contact. When tensioned from the bottom, they spin on a  fixed axis. This can be achieved by either engaging bottom knot in wood frame, or hanging heavy “art” of your own to bottom line. Whatever items you choose to showcase in the center and/or bottom is where the “unlimited variations” come in.


We would love to see photos of your creations!

Please email your photos to: unwineder.com@gmail.com

windWINEder With Frame Installation Video


4×4 Assembly Video


WINEwood Assembly Video


wallWINEder Assembly Video

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