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The rocker pictured below I built back in 2013 and

was my first attempt at working with wine barrels.

 The metal bands leftover from the barrels

leaned against the wall for months.

Then I thought, I wonder what they would look like

if I hung them inside each other?

The result was amazing!

They seemed to take on a life of their own,

rotating at different speeds and directions

even in the slightest of breeze.

Click on Hummingbird for demonstration.


    Given the size and weight of the bands, it was over a year

                   of mainly trial and error before I felt I had something that

     could withstand the elements for a reasonable amount of time.

                  So that's how we got started, since then it's been dreaming

                      up, designing and building other fun and useful items

                     with wine barrels being almost exclusively the medium.