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I resisted making wine barrel swings for quite a while because I saw other people were already doing it but most I saw didn't look too comfortable, pretty rough around the edges. I decided to make a few but put more time into shaping and sanding, swings are now my number one selling product.
You won't find a more comfortable or beautiful swing anywhere at any price!

All unWINEder products are made from retired oak wine barrels from the central California wine country. By the time wineries are ready to retire their barrels, typically 2-5 years, they can be pretty rough inside with large blisters that reach deep into the oak, this is one of the reasons they stop using them because bacteria and cleaning agents get trapped in them and will adversely affect future batches. Another reason barrels are retired is that after a couple of uses they don't impart as much of the desirable oak flavoring. The condition of the barrels we get mostly determines what the finished swing will look like. We always leave as much of the beautiful wine-stained oak as we can but with comfort being the number one consideration we keep shaping and removing wood until all those blisters are gone, sometimes having to remove more than half the thickness of the barrel stave which makes every swing a unique one of a kind , some with a wide blonde area of quarter-sawn oak and others almost entirely red. All sharp corners are removed and a minimum of three coats of UV resistant polyurethane is applied. All knots are injected with hot melt glue to prevent loosening.

Below is a video of swingers from past shows and events.

Some information about the construction of swings...