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unWINEder on the ROAD


We bought our wind chime over three years ago and love it!

It's in direct sunlight so we have taken it down twice and oiled it again and it looks almost as good as new!

I met Steve in Graeagle last year and loved all his work! As a surprize for my husbands birthday I had him make a wind chime with his construction companies logo. It looks just like his logo and my husband loves it, he has it hanging right outside his shop!

I liked Steve's display wind chime so much I asked him to make one just like it but change the wording. My friends and I love our wine and get together often on my patio where the chime hangs, we love the sound!

My brother is a big Seahawks fan so as a gift I had unwineder make a chime with the Seahawk logo. I paid the unpainted price but Steve went ahead and painted it for free! My brother loves it, too bad the Seahawks didn't quite make it!

We had unwineder make a chime for Colony Tavern and they actually delivered and installed it ahead of schedule! It hangs over the door and when the breeze comes up the sound definitely gets peoples attention. Thank you unwineder!